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Jonh Jay Mustangs

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12/15/04 07:27 pm - angelshorti - Hello

This is the moderator or creator, whatever you call it. Welcome to the first community for those who attend JJHS or JJSA. A couple of rules

1. introduce yourself, all you have to tell us is your name, thats all.

2. No bashing anyone, save it for your house or personal e-mails.

3. Do notput others down, if you have any "gossip", do so tactfully. get to know each other

4. Whatever is said in this community stays in this community! Do not take anything that is said here, to school.

5. This is a place where you can vent about your teachers, "spread gossip", talk about your like and dislikes, ask for help on homework. do whatever you want. i don't care what language you use, you make up you own mind.

other than that, have fun!

email- angelshorti86@yahoo.com
aim and YM:angelshorti86
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